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Bible School: Proverbs 3: 5-6

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well and had a great Christmas. It is the perfect time to share love and care to others! As we are preparing to enter a new year I wanted to discuss a scripture that I have been meditating on especially in the season I am in right now.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 '' Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.''

What dropped in my spirit was the fact that a lot of us take the first part (verse 5) and neglect the last part. I am a culprit for this too! Indeed we must trust God with all our hearts and definitely not depend on our own understanding. You see what the human mind can comprehend, Gods mind goes further than that. What we perceive about our lives/Gods plan for us cannot be compared with what God does. We must come to the place where we totally trust God.

Our heart is the core of everything. In this we store our desires, pleasures and plans. God …

BE YOU...People Will Always Be People!

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well and basking in the Goodness of God! Christmas day is around the corner and I know that you will all be busy preparing for this wonderful day. But remember Jesus in this season, the joy we have is because of Him.

I have been in existence for some time, and I have learnt so much and I continue to learn daily. There are some people that you will come across that set you up for life (i.e will teach you lessons you will NEVER forget). There are some people who make such a significant impact that you will never be able to forget them. But in everything we Praise God. These experiences will only propel you to your next level.

I have spent so much time worrying and wondering about other people and the way they behave or think about me. If I had invested that time into my spiritual life I would have been very far by now! This is my heart that I am pouring out to you as I don't want someone to make the mistakes I did. Trust me they are not worth it. But thro…

Bible School: Hebrews 6: 13-15 (Waiting on God)

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all in good health and are prospering just like God wished us to be!

Today we will look at these three particular verses. It reads (NIV version) :

"When God made His promise to Abraham,since there was no one greater for Him to swear by He swore by Himself, saying I will surely bless you and give you many descendants. And so after waiting patiently Abraham recieved what was promised".

Often we ask God for something and as our human  nature will have it, we expect it there and then. We want it immediatley and feel that the waiting process it too hard I have been there MANY times. You see God works in His own time and He knows the best time to provide what we ask for. At times He may provide it instantly and others there may be a specified time.

The verse is saying that God Gave Abraham a promise and swore by Himself because there was no one greater to swear by. When we look at this a lot of the time our human minds find it difficult to believe a promis…

Remember The Faithfulness of God

Hey Luvs,

I trust you are all doing well. Seasons Greetings. This is my favourite time of the year, I love the atmosphere and the joy that people associate with Christmas.

I met up with an aunt of mine yesterday and we had a long catch up. During the chat we discussed how life has been up until now. She said something that just got me to remember my life from Genesis! "IF IT HAD NOT BEEN THE LORD ON OUR SIDE ELAINE".

My Luvs indeed if it had not been God where would we be? It was never in God's plan for evil to consume the earth like it did, but Praise be to God who has been with us thus far and who provided an atonement for sin. We always need to reflect on our lives and remember the Faithfulness of our God.

So what is it to be faithful? It means to be loyal,devoted,committed,dependant, reliable,trustworthy,steadfast, truth,just and fair. This sums up God totally!

When I looked back I was in awe of what God has done for me and how far He has brought me. From conception …

What's Next for Me?

Hey Luvs,

Seasons Greetings! This is my favourite time of the year. I just love the festive feeling and the ability to give to others! 

As the year draws to a close we often get caught up in the festive fun feeling then later wonder what the new year will hold. I for one am one of them, I have been reflecting over the past few weeks on the year and my desires for 2017.

Sometimes by doing this we can create anxiety around what the new year will hold. However we must not be anxious, but trust the Lord. We need to trust Him that he is perfectly weaving together  our every desire for our lives in line with His Will for us. You see the desires we have for our lives were God given. If you have a strong desire for something, most often it is God who has placed this in you when He formed you. 

I personally am believing my God for some incredible things that I know He is more than able to fulfill. I am putting my faith into action because I am believing Him for the unbelievable. Things that in the…

Loving When You Dont Feel Like It

Hey Luvs,

Have you ever been in a place where you just don't feel like you can show love to someone?. Have you been so hurt to the point that loving them seems to difficult?. Well that happens to all of us!

Many a times, I just felt like taking my love away from family, friends, co workers, myself everyone! At times you feel that you give, give and give with nothing in return or you are met with something else. But the ability to love is a powerful thing that God instilled into His children, unfortunately not everyone practises it.

Love has the ability to create or bring to life anything you can think of. The world was created out of love, likewise the crucifixion of Christ was done out of love. That is enough for us to see the magnitude of the word 'love'. In order for you to be seen as a child of God you have to show love (1 john 4:7). The word love is both a noun and a verb meaning it is used to describe and in action.  We live in a world where love is almost disappearing…

The Ways Of God (Part 3): Understanding The Mind Of God

Hey Luvs,

I trust you are all well in Jesus Name. It has been a very busy week for me so excuse my silence. But all in all God is still Good!

 ''Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things'' (Ecclesiastes 11:5)

There are many times where we have attempted to guess what God is doing/saying and many times where we have gotten it wrong, simply by underestimating Him or doubting His Power. I for one am guilty of doing this, there have been many times I believed God would operate in a certain way to my human understanding and He would not. But through that I have seen and still learning about the Mind of God.

There have been many scenario's I have come across and you would believe God would have written the people off or their lives would have come crashing down, but God had another plan for them. That may be because the Bible often talks …

Not EVERYTHING is spiritual...........

Hey Luvs,

Not EVERYTHING is spiritual!
Yes I said it...don't shoot me before you read below, this is a ''tough love message''.

I am a Christian woman sold out for Christ, and a believer in the spiritual realm and its functions. However not everything that happens to us is a result of ''spirits''.

So what am I even on about?

There are times were we have been in situations that did not favour us or we didn't like the outcome. Most times we blame it on the devil saying that he made the situation happen. But we forget that we are human beings who make mistakes/choices.

One of the biggest ways a person can repel their blessings is through their character. If you have a bad character or others perceive that your persona is not good you will chase many opportunities away. Often I have seen people miss opportunities because they spoke badly, behaved proudly or belittled someone/something because they felt it was not of any value. This has absolutely nothing …

Life lessons: LET IT GO!

Hey Luvs,

I hope you are all basking in the Glory of God. His Glory is all over you! You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill, you cannot be hidden! This message is for someone out there today:

There have  been so many times where I have found myself in the position where I simply cannot let go. I cannot let go because I am afraid of what I perceive to loose and of the unknown. Can I get someone to testify to this?
There are so many of you out there that are hanging onto dead situations that does not bring any form of edification to your soul or life. I'm also sure you have been in that place where God has shown you so many times to leave...but you just keep hanging on.

It all goes back to trusting the Lord. He is the pace setter/in charge of how our destiny goes. Sometimes we tolerate certain people, circumstances, afflictions and pains when there is no need to. We need to understand that when all the signs are saying GO we must GO! Everything will always work out for you…

Bible School: Understanding the Sovereignty of God

Hey Luvs

Ephesians 1:17 'That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him'.

I pray you have all had a blessed weekend and are preparing to receive from your services on Sunday.

One thing I think a lot of us (me included) take the Sovereignty of God for granted. But I don't believe that this is done purposefully, however out of ignorance and familiarity. When I talk of the Sovereignty of God I refer to Him being Supreme, Powerful, and has Dominion. Talking from my own experience I have sometimes forgotten how Sovereign God is and placed my problems above His power. I was walking in total disbelief/discrediting that He could change my situation within a second, and He did and has done so on several occasions. I am a walking testimony on the Power of God. This also demonstrated my lack of faith and I believe in order to have faith you must believe that He is a Sovereign God. By doing this I was …

Nothing shall be impossible for you through Christ Jesus: Believe in yourself!

Hey Luvs,

Luke 1: 37 With God nothing shall be impossible!

I hope you are enjoying this blog so far, please comment or contact me any feedback is appreciated!
Today we are going to look at a topic that is very close to my heart. One of the greatest things you can ever do in your life (after accepting Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour) is to believe in your God given ability.
A lot of the time when we are growing up and passing through milestones, we tend to develop a confidence crisis at some stage. This is usually where we are unsure of ourselves and if care is not taken we may not develop the necessary confidence needed to live life. Even during your journey in life you can loose your 'esteem/confidence' through experience. But I am here to encourage you today that you can do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

Let me start off by saying your confidence is through Christ Who gives you the ability to do all the things He has created you to do.…

Life Lessons: The Reward of Obedience - (with my own experience)

Hey Luvs,
James 1:22- Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says!

Welcome to the month of December! The year is coming to an end very shortly and I am confident that He Who has been doing good works in you and through you Is Faithful to complete it!

Today we are continuing our series of life lessons, but we are going to look at the reward of being obedient whilst waiting for God to answer our prayer's/requests.

We have all been in that place where we become very frustrated with perceived lack of answers to prayers. Note I used the word ''perceived'' because God hears our prayers and answers them according to His Will (1 John 5:14) When it feels that God has abandoned us our He has forgotten our prayers. We then resort to singing or praying ''pass me not Oh Gentle Saviour, hear my humble cry. Whilst others are calling please do not pass me by''. I know this well because I have sang this multiple times in very difficu…

Bible School: Using and applying the word of God for victory!

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all in good health and you are strong in Spirit (3 John 1-2).

Today we continue the Bible school and we will be looking at the importance of using and applying God's word to our daily lives.

The bible says that life and death lies in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21; Proverbs 12:6) and that God created with words (Hebrews 11:3; Psalms 33:6;John 1:1).

Think about it...the world and you and I were created just with speech. The eyes,ears,nose,mouth,head and legs were all created by God calling them into existance
by their names. So can you imagine what you can do with your spoken word?

The word of God is not there to be idle. We must come to the place of using His word to see what we want. We must be able to apply His word to access our blessings and to bring down the plans of the enemy. We have the power to do this by using our spoken word.

Often we don't believe that we have the ability to do this. But this is an error because as Children of God we do! God g…

Life issues: God when will it be my turn?

Hey Luvs

Welcome to the month of December! Jesus is the reason for the season so we must rejoice in this time! I hope you have been blessed so far. You can always email/write to me for any topics you may want me to share or answer!

Today I'm going to talk about life issues. I will be starting a series about this looking at the reality of things and how we can overcome them.

God when will it be my turn? This is a question that a lot of people ask me myself included. When we are children we tend to ponder on life and plan when we think we will attain certain goals at particular ages/times such as education, marriage, financial prosperity, a mortgage, children, so on and do forth.

Then boom *LIFE* happens and all these plans and timings we have suddenly become no more. When I say life, I mean the reality of our journey through it. At this point we are often in dispare or angry that things have not worked out for us and it appears that other people (especially non believers) are prosp…

God wants you to enjoy life part 2: Wisdom in life

Hey Luvs,

The blessings of the Lord maketh one rich and it adds no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22).

In my previous post I talked about God wanting us to enjoy life! Yes He does. He came to give life and life abundently (John 10:10). The meaning of abundance is : quantity or plenty. He wants us to enjoy life to the fullest. However in order not to fall on the traps of the enemy or suffer unnecessarily you must apply wisdom.

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do (Proverbs 4:7). So what is wisdom? Wisdom can be defined as the ability to judge correctly and follow the best course of action based on knowledge and understanding  (Lockyer 1103).

A lot of us Christians end up in unccesary stress or trouble because we do not apply wisdom when taking certain decisions in life. Because of lack of knowledge my people perish (Hosea 4:6). We need to start taking responsibility for our decisions in life. God gave us a measure of free will so when you use it and it does not work out don't…

Bible School: Understanding the use of punctuation& sentence structure

Hey Luvs

Praise God for a brand new day!

Today I will continue the series Bible study but we will look at punctuation and it's use in understanding the word.

When you read  the Bible you will see that it is divided into Books (Genesis to Revelation). Within these books are chapters and verses (usually in numbers).

Often when we read the Bible we tend to read without pausing or paying attention to where we are supposed to stop and start again. Or where we are supposed to meditate on what the word is saying.

For example we see the word Selah a lot. What does this mean? Selah is placed there for you to pause. This is often seen in the book of Psalms. Possibly due to the fact that most of Psalms are songs and when we are singing worship we must be able to let the words minister to us. So when you pause or stop and reflect on the words you gain a deeper understating.

Let's look at this text:

You will see that there are full stops (.), commas (,) semicolon (;)  and question marks (…