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Life Lessons: What Does Not Kill You...

...Will only make you stronger!

Hey Luvs,

Praise God for a new day and thank Him for His mercies today. What does not kill you will surely make you stronger. Anything, anyone or any experience that does not terminate your life will only cause you to grow. It will propel you to your next level! We should not dispise these experiences as they can act as our humble beginnings (Zechariah 4:10).

Whatever you may be passing through right now count it all joy, because this testing will produce perseverance and when perseverance has finished it's work you will become mature and complete lacking NOTHING (James 1:2-4). You see every experience we have in life is for a reason. You may not necessarily understand at that particular time but after a while you will. God has a reason as to why He allows certain things, just as a baby needs to crawl before walking we need to experience before understanding! The most empathetic person you can ever find on this planet is someone who has gone through…

The Pruning Process 3: It Can Be Difficult

Hey Luvs,

How are you all? I pray you are well and enjoying all the good things God has put on this earth! Tonight we are looking at the pruning process part 3! "It can be difficult" "I don't want to be in the process".

Trust me, I have said this many times but it never changed anything. Infact the more I complained about the process the more I was processed ha! But this is very normal, it is normal to feel like you just want it to end or don't feel like being in it. Being uncomfortable is never welcomed by anyone.

But why do we not like being in the process? This is simply because it is uncomfortable,disturbing,anxiety provoking and just down right stressful. But like I said in my previous blog, it is something we have to face.  So what kind of things are we faced  with during this time?

PainAbandonment Jealousy RejectionIsolation  Uncertaincy Frustration Change Anxiety  These are merely some of the things we are faced with during this process. This is bec…

Trusting God In The Midst Of The Madness

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well and having a prosperous week. Remember that Jesus loves you and above all wants you to prosper and be in good health!

Today I am going to be talking about a topic a lot of us know very well. The ability to trust God in destitute situations. When I say destitute I mean difficult, unending, depressing situations that you simply cannot see an end. This topic today is to encourage you. I pray it blesses you!

Throughout my years on this earth I have had the opportunity to see both good and bad things it I praise God for them all. I have had experiences that I felt so down and depressed that I never thought I would come out of them. Situations where I thought would kill me, but through it all I learnt to trust in Jesus. I learnt that He was my eternal rock, my ever present helper.

You see when you are passing through these experiences you feel so alone,detached,afraid,anxious and many other feelings. You may even ask yourself "what is going on here&quo…

Life Lessons: The Pruning Process (Part 2)

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all basking in God's Glory. Today we will be looking at:

Why do I have to go through the pruning process?

It is a question that many of us who recognise this process ask. For those who don't, you often ask God what is happening in this season? Why do I have to experience these things? Why am I facing all these challenges? Like I said in the previous blog the pruning process is for our good. So that the full Glory of God will be seen in our lives! Let us look at an exposition on Joseph. Joseph is a prime example of the "pruning process" and how God navigates our experiences to bring out the best in us.

The story of Joseph begins in Genesis 37 and we will be looking at it until 47. Please refer to your bible for the full story (this will encourage self bible study haha!). Joseph was subject to jealousy and rejection from his brothers and found himself in a strange land where he faced further troubles. Joseph was highly loved and thought of by h…

Life lessons: The pruning Process (Part 1)

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well. Welcome again to the month of January and the year that we will see the full Glory of God!

Today we will be looking at a topic that we all may have passed through or are going through what I call the "pruning process". To be pruned means to have cut away dead things in order to facilitate new growth.

What I mean by this is the process in which God takes us through in order for us to become what He has called us to be. It is a process that can be quite lonely, painful, sorrowful, uncertain and most definitely confusing. But as gold has to go through the fire to be refined likewise we have to go through a process in order to come out glorious. This experience is necessary for our spiritual growth and development. God will not rest until He achieves what He has purposed for you and through you. The picture is bigger than what we can conceive as this is the Body of Christ.

I personally have experienced a lot of things and my pruning process has…

Welcome 2017: For Those Who Believe There Shall Be A Manifestation

Hey Luvs,

Welcome to 2017! I pray you are all well and have began receiving and walking in the blessings God has bestowed in 2017. I for one am grateful to see another year and I am excited as to what my Father will do for His people this year.

As I was meditating on the Word of God and what He would have me write on the blog this year, He told me that this year for His people if only they believe and whatever that is there will SURELY  be a manifestation (Luke 1:45) ! Wow, Wow and Wow! What a promise. The Lord told me that for those out there that are believing Him in 2017 for the things He has promised them there will be a performance
 Meaning there will be an"execution,completion,display,achievement,implementation and a doing!"

Listen children of God, God is set to bless His people this year. This is not for everybody as the clue is in "for those who believe". This promise are for those who are confident and expectant. It is for those who have believed Him, the…