Life Lessons: What Does Not Kill You...

...Will only make you stronger!

Hey Luvs,

Praise God for a new day and thank Him for His mercies today. What does not kill you will surely make you stronger. Anything, anyone or any experience that does not terminate your life will only cause you to grow. It will propel you to your next level! We should not dispise these experiences as they can act as our humble beginnings (Zechariah 4:10).

Whatever you may be passing through right now count it all joy, because this testing will produce perseverance and when perseverance has finished it's work you will become mature and complete lacking NOTHING (James 1:2-4). You see every experience we have in life is for a reason. You may not necessarily understand at that particular time but after a while you will. God has a reason as to why He allows certain things, just as a baby needs to crawl before walking we need to experience before understanding! The most empathetic person you can ever find on this planet is someone who has gone through the fire and felt how much it burned. Testing can come in various ways, shapes and forms but whichever way it comes allow it to make you stronger.

I talk a lot about impacting others, once you have experienced something you are in a better position to advise/counsel as you have seen it before. So passing through something will not only change you for the better but will also help someone out there that is facing the same/similar situation. There is nothing under the sun that is unkown to God or new (Ecclesiasties 1:9), therefore you are needed to encourage /instruct someone else going through the same thing!

Whatever you are going through right now is not enough to overcome you. Nothing that has been created has dominion over you. God gave us dominion over the earth and asked us to subdue it (Genesis 1:28). Nothing has the power to kill you unless you allow don't. You are God's own creation, something He took His precious time to create and mature so that you come to your full calling. He made you an entity not to be contended with, know who you are in Christ! More than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

Do not allow anything, absolutely anything to steal your joy. Don't let anybody/situation kill you or your spirit. You are the apple of God's eye and are precious in His Sight. You mean a lot to the Kingdom of God and He needs you to be strong in Him. Whatever you have been through/going through will never decrease you but will increase you. Every sorrow you have ever experienced God will turn it into joy. Be hopeful that whatever has not taken your life up until now can never ever take it. If by the Grace of God you have lived this far you will surely live to see multiple number of years in Jesus Name.

So choose to believe today that nothing can destroy you or overcome you. Speak to your spirit and encourage it to hold onto God in all situations!

I pray you have been blessed
All things pink and pretty x

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