The Broken Soul: He Makes All Things Beautiful In It's Time

Hey Luvs,

I pray you are all well. God is good and His mercies endures forever! This is a letter to a broken soul and the wounded spirit.

Dear friend,

I know just how you are feeling, being in that place of feeling deserted. The place where you feel that God has forgotten you. The place where you are eagerly waiting for your expectation. The place where you feel that life cannot simply go on because that desire has not manifested itself. You are anxious because you have waited long enough and are running impatient. Asking God when will this come to pass. Crying day in and day out because of the wait and now the soul is broken after years and years of waiting on God to fulfill His promise to you. The spirit that is wounded because of the bitterness you carry because God has not done what you feel He should have. But my sweet darling, God makes everything beautiful in its time. For everything there is a season, a time for every event under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). He has made everything beautiful in its time and know that everything God does shall be forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it (Ecclesiastes 3:11 &14).

Everything that God does is good and He has programmed it in such a way that when He brings it to pass it will be marvelous in your sight. He will make that desire attractive, alluring, pleasing and of a high standard. Perhaps you have been waiting for God to answer your prayer regarding the fruit of the womb, perhaps you are looking to God for your marriage, breakthrough and healing. Whatever it may be in the time that He sees fit, He will answer it. Trust His timing because when 'it' is ready to come to pass it will supersede your expectations. Don't be anxious for anything (Philippians 4:6), be confident that when He brings your desire to pass it will be for forever! Nobody not even the enemy can destroy that thing that God has given to you in the right time.

The amount of tears you shed will not shift God's timing, He knows when it is the right time to release this desire. Shift your mind/attention to doing what He has called you to do. Fulfill what God has placed in your heart to do and let go of the anxiety, bitterness, frustration and lack of trust. Everything that you desire has a time for its manifestation, you must understand that your life events are programmed to sync with each other for a greater purpose. God cannot afford for this 'sync' to fall out of place because of the greater good it will serve. Don't try and run ahead of God out of emotions, it will only prolong the wait. When the time is right it will be established. The fairy tail you so desire is very possible if you place your trust in God. In this state of anguish take a moment to reflect on incidents where you think 'God thank you for not allowing me to enter that situation'.

Many a times when we are preoccupied with waiting on a promise or desire we forget His faithfulness in ages past. This is human nature and God understands that, but He wants you to understand and be confident that when He brings it to pass that nothing will stop it from reaching you in its season. Don't drive yourself crazy waiting for it to come to pass. Be the one who celebrates the  faithfulness of God before He brings it to pass. Turn the anxiety, bitterness, anguish into excitement/joy at what God is about to do for you. Don't look at others who are in their season, your time will definitely come and I cannot wait to celebrate God for your life!

To the broken soul, the wounded spirit don't let your heart be troubled. For in due season He will make everything concerning you beautiful! Trust in Him and do not let Him go. He loves you more than you can ever imagine and in its time He will make all your things beautiful!

Love you always with the love of God
All Things Pink and Pretty X

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